Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Tractor Supply is proud to be part of the "Out Here" lifestyle. Our mission to work hard, have fun, and make money supports our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve and making a difference.

To ensure we are helping the people we care most about - our customers and team members - we focus our corporate giving on three areas: agriculture, pets and animals, and community. Click the icons below to learn more about our areas of focus.


Tractor Supply was started to help serve people who live the rural lifestyle. In the beginning, Tractor Supply's mail-order catalog provided tractor parts to those who lived too far from an urban shopping area and those who did not want to pay premium prices. Today, we continue to serve the agriculture community by not only providing farming tools and equipment at everyday low prices but also by supporting nonprofit organizations that promote the agriculture and farming lifestyle.

In conjunction with our Sustainability Program, our 4-H and FFA national partnerships help us protect what we have while teaching the next generation of farmers to do the same. In addition to monetary donations, we support agriculture education by encouraging students in 4-H and FFA to connect with our local stores directly through display tables, in-store fundraisers, pumpkin carvings and more.

Beyond these national partnerships, Tractor Supply supports a variety of initiatives geared toward community gardens and ag education programs for students. Year after year, we continue to stick to our roots (quite literally) by sponsoring a variety of events from agriculture fairs to lawn and garden shows.

Pet and Animal

Pets and animals have always been near and dear to our heart and our customers'. In fact, the Pet and Animal division of Tractor Supply has grown to be the largest part of our business, so it's only natural that we would also support programs that promote livestock exhibits, pet shelters, pet adoptions, horse farms and more.

Since 2011, Tractor Supply has hosted Pet Appreciation Week (PAW) in stores and online. The week-long event is intended to raise awareness regarding the importance of proper pet care and nutrition and provide access to and information about pet adoptions. The celebration is an opportunity to find great homes for animals and recognize the community partners and rescue centers who care for these animals.

In partnership with local agencies and community groups, Tractor Supply hosts in-store pet adoptions across the country during PAW, while offering free samples of select pet products and a variety of family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy. While PAW highlights Tractor Supply's love and appreciation for pets and animals, our investment in the category can be seen through a variety of initiatives:

  • PetVet ClinicTM: This program offers veterinary care through community clinics at over 1,000 Tractor Supply stores. Over a half million pets have been seen through PetVet Clinics since 2014.
  • DOG for DOG®: Tractor Supply carries a select line of DOG for DOG natural ingredient, made-in-America treats. For every product sold, a product is donated to a local shelter by DOG for DOG; resulting in more than 71,000 meals for shelter dogs in the past year.
  • Local Adoption Events: Throughout the year, Tractor Supply stores across the country partner with local shelters and community groups to help pets find their forever homes.
  • Paws4people: Tractor Supply serves as the official dog food sponsor for paws4people. We provide our exclusive 4health dog food to paws4people’s 500 service dogs, who assist children and veterans.

In addition to these widespread initiatives, we are proud to support other groups such as The Livestock Conservancy, A Home for Every Horse, and Hope in the Saddle.


At Tractor Supply, the most popular sayings all begin with "whatever it takes." Our corporate culture encourages our team members to go above and beyond, to make a real difference with their customers and their local community.

We share more than the love of the rural lifestyle. We share the desire to preserve it and see it thrive.

This desire fuels our commitment. It's one thing every Tractor Supply team member has in common, and it's the thing that sets us apart from competitors. It's why so many Tractor Supply team members are active in their community and why they generate so many ideas for new events, partnerships and programs at the local store level. It's why we make such a difference, through so many organizations, in so many communities across the country.

As a company, we aid disaster relief by donating products and gift cards to help those who have been affected by tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and more. Beyond financial support, we are often at the forefront of pitching in and helping out. In some cases, we may be the only business that remains open to provide needed supplies in times of crisis. We've even stayed open 24 hours, serving as a hub for neighbors to support each other.

Veterans' Causes

Since 2012, we have partnered with The Hugs Project, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for our dedicated U.S. Military Troops by sending care packages and other handmade items overseas.

Each year, Tractor Supply hosts the "Salute Our Troops Event" where customers and team members can write thank you letters to active military members. After the event is over, Tractor Supply stores mail the letters to The Hugs Project, and they send the letters and packages overseas throughout the year. Since its founding in 2004, The Hugs Project has sent over 2 million "hugs" (letters), 400,000 "kisses" (helmet coolers) and more than 1,000 tons of care packages.

Additionally, Tractor Supply is proud to be a monetary sponsor of The Hugs Project helping fund care for PTS (posttraumatic stress) and TBI (traumatic brain injury) for returning troops, veterans and first responders.

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